Mosaic Artwork

Mosaic art has been produced since the dawn of civilization, and graces the worlds' most beautiful buildings.

Our study of ancient and contemporary mosaic art enables us to create artwork of stunning originality as well as faithfull reproductions of traditional styles.

Most of these designs may be produced in any of our mosaic styles; Roman, Florentine, or Venetian

The genesis of your project may be found in the examples herein, or may come from your own inspiration.

Please take the time to browse through our gallery.

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Islands Of Adventure Jim Morrison Jellyfish
 Le Panier  Musical Instruments  Nautilus
 Hippocamp  Grotto Mural Faces
Lady In Red  Persian Rug  Peacock Floor
 Angel mosaic Grand Foyer  Sailfish
 Sea Life Spa  Sea-Nymph  Bar Top Collage
 Parrot Jungle   Mary  Waves
 Icon  Octopus  Watercarrier